A Broad Abroad Foundation

Travel scholarships for deserving solo female travelers

The Happy Passport A Broad Abroad Foundation is dedicated to giving away 100,000 travel scholarships to deserving solo female travelers from around the world.

The scholarship

When you receive a travel scholarship from A Broad Abroad, all of your travel expenses will be covered for a month-long trip to the destination of your choice.

That includes:

* Airfare
* Accommodation
* Food+drink!
* Activities
* Volunteering opportunities
* Free membership to the THP Mastermind Group during your preparation and trip
* Free private coaching with Rebs

Who can apply

You might feel like a giant, but it'll be worth it.

You might feel like a giant, but it’ll be worth it.

Right now, anyone. We’re looking for solo female travelers from all walks of life who truly deserve the gift of travel.

Maybe you’ve lost your job, or gone through a bad breakup, or desperately need to shake things up and start living again.

Or maybe your sister, mom, daughter or co-worker really needs to step out of her comfort zone, open her mind, and get a fresh perspective on life.

How to apply

Dream big

Dream big

A Broad Abroad is a work in progress, but you can help get the ball rolling.

Fill out the form below and tell me why you or someone you know deserves to be the recipient of the first annual A Broad Abroad Scholarship award.

You don’t have to write a novel, just tell me why you or your nominee deserves a dream trip more than anyone else. Be sure to include where you want to go, why you want to go there, and what you want to do and see.

I can’t wait to make your escapist fantasy a reality!

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