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This ain’t your mama’s travel blog.

Do something a little crazy

Do something a little crazy

I once had a teacher tell me, “Rebekah, you’re a very unusual girl.”

I really liked that she said that, so in keeping with the theme, this is a very unusual travel site!

What I love most about traveling are the stories – the stories I collect, the stories of fellow travelers, and especially the stories of locals I’ve met and gotten to know along my journey.

Eat things you never thought you'd eat

Eat things you never thought you’d eat

To me, getting hotel discounts and racking up airline miles is kind of boring.

We’ll talk about it, sure, but I’m much more interested in hearing about the time you got scammed in a Vietnamese poker game, or telling you about the time I ran my motorbike rental into a tree, or introducing you to my friend who cycled through India all by her damn self.


Each blog post and video contains a juicy narrative travel tale that I hope will inspire and entertain you. If you’re in the mood to dive in and indulge your escapist fantasies, click the “dig deep” button next to each post.


If you’re busy, or stressed, or just need-some-information-now-dammit, I totally get it.

At the end of every story, I’ll include a quick+dirty takeaway section where you can get all the practical info you crave, like

* how much the hotel will cost
* whether or not you should take a taxi from the airport
* which neighborhood is creepy at night, and
* where you can find a great vegan restaurant when you’re in the middle of nowhere in Nepal.

Simply click the “quick and dirty” button at the top of the post and you’ll be magically whisked away to the bottom of the page, where you can get the info you need and get your questions answered in the comments section.

Ready, freddy?

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3 comments on “Your passport is ready

    1. Rebekah

      Next up, Thailand! Hoping to hit Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia before the end of the year. Then next year my dream is India followed by Eastern Europe. What about you? Are you guys finished teaching in China?

  1. Allison

    Hi Rebekah!!! This site ROCKS!
    You continuously inspire us all here. Thank you for this site and for sharing your crazy and awesome experiences with us!
    NOW. Your response to Agness’ question about where you’re traveling to next was like a SIGN! I had to reach out.
    I graduate college in December and I plan on getting out and seeing some thangz! See the (a lot, or some) of the world! I’d iike to go to Thailand to teach and travel to China during a break in teaching to see a friend in Shang Hai and travel more after or during a program, see Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal and India…. I’d like to see eastern areas of Europe. There are other places I would like to go to in South America and Africa and I wonder how I should try to plan on doing all of this traveling.. at one time? In between teaching programs in other countries? Just stay gone for 2 or 3 years? What’s been your best experiences with traveling for long periods. I think of a lot of my time being spent solo. Advice? Insight?
    Thanks a milli lady keep on keepin on


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