Top Tips for Instagram Travel Photography

5 travel photography tips for Instagram addicts and aspiring shutterbugs


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to create some seriously amazing travel photography.

Heck, you don’t even need a fancy DSLR camera!

I stumbled upon this infographic and love how it de-mystifies travel photography (and de-snobifies it, too. Yes, that’s a word).

Here are 5 easy ways to shoot like a pro without spending a fortune on gear or glass.



How to take amazing travel photos is a graphic produced by

17 comments on “Top Tips for Instagram Travel Photography

  1. Amanda

    This is great! I am totally rubbish at taking photos, I try and get all artsy but wind up taking 37 angles of an epic castle only to make it look like a scary house. So thank you for this! Hopefully I can churn out a few good ones 🙂

    1. 1/2d

      Yes! Getting close to your subject almost always makes the photo look better. It also serves as a very interesting social experiment, as one gets out of their comfort zone. Do not zoom, get close using your feet. Now, closer.
      Great post, Rebekah. Cheers from your beloved Los Angeles 😉

      1. Rebekah Voss Post author

        Greetings fellow Angeleno! Thanks so much for your comment. I completely agree – the main thing I got from a great photography workshop in Vietnam was to get close and to MOVE – “don’t be a lazy photographer” said the teacher. Great advice!

  2. Toni

    Camera phones have made the biggest difference to me getting the shot. I carry my DSLR a lot but you can’t always have it with you and those unexpected opportunities can make the best photos. I need to practice with it more though.

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      I totally agree, Toni. The phone is a lot easier, especially for those times when you’re worried about safety with the DSLR or when you need to take a quick shot without the subject noticing! (:

  3. Ken

    Hey Rebekah, I’m enjoying your updates. I recently spent a week in Vietnam and took only a carry on so I couldn’t use my DSLR. I resorted to just taking photos just with my iPhone but I wasn’t too happy with the results. Thanks for these tips!

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      Ken, I’m excited to hear about your time in Vietnam, where did you go? I hear ya on the iPhone – I only had an iPhone my entire time in Nepal. It’s a good excuse to plan a trip back with a better camera!

  4. Franca

    Thanks for the tips Rebekah. I like your shots too, as you said I don’t need to be a professional photographer (I’m not at all) to take some decent photos, I’m still learning every day 🙂


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