The Happy Passport mission

"It's not a memo, it's a mission statement!"

What are we trying to do, you ask?

Feel free to be yourself

Feel free to be yourself

The mission of The Happy Passport is simple: we want to make solo female travel sexy.

Because in addition to all that life-changing, soul-searching, Eat, Pray, Love stuff that happens when you travel alone, you’re also much more likely to meet a handsome stranger that way (or a handsome foreign stranger – even better!).

If in our efforts to encourage passionate rendezvous between people who don’t speak the same language, we also accomplish a few of the following, we’ll feel pretty damn good about ourselves:

* To weave tales of narrative travel that dig deep, keep it real, and make you wanna just suck the very marrow out of life (and then remember that you’re a vegetarian, spit out said marrow, and go dance naked in a field somewhere.)

* To inspire 30+ women to travel solo, and to show them how to do it.

* To use travel as a natural high, an accidental antidepressant, and a way to overcome the stress and sorrow of the day-to-day.

* To connect solo females travelers with each other through a growing network of like-minded adventure seekers.

* To provide practical travel tips and advice specifically geared toward the 30+ solo female (because your travel needs are slightly different than those of a 20-year old male backpacker. Right?)

* To give away at least one A Broad Abroad travel scholarship every year to a deserving solo female traveler.

* To give those who can’t travel at the moment a way to live vicariously through the words, images, and videos on this site.

Sound good to you? Good. Now go read some blog posts already.

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