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From guest posts and media mentions to awards and more, The Happy Passport gets around. (the web, that is.)

USA Today - "Me first!": Why is selfish behavior on the rise?

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U.S. News & World Report - "Living Abroad? Expat Taxpayers Face Special Challenges"

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Best @ Travel - "Pampering, desserts, and blackout blinds: How solo female travellers define luxury"

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Break Into Travel Writing Podcast - Solo Travel & Creating a Travel Writing Career using Elance with Rebekah Voss

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Shoeboxed - "How I'm Using Shoeboxed to Travel the World."

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The Wise Traveller - Contributing writer for The Wise Traveller blog: "Flying Sucks - Airports don't have to!"

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Travel Pulse - Travel Blog of the Day: The Happy Passport

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Overseas Property Insider Podcast - Featured guest on the Overseas Property Insider Podcast with Taylor White.

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Channel 9 News Denver - syndicated USA TODAY feature on selfish travel behavior

Check it out - Hello World series guest contributor - "Medieval Superstition in Modern-Day Cambodia."

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Banker in the Sun - "Interview with a solo female traveler who always walks alone at night."

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The Boomer Business Owner - Guest post contributor for - "Get Paid to Travel the World."

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Gringos Abroad - Guest post for the Expat Cost of Living Series - "My expat cost of living in Hoi An, Vietnam"

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The Wise Traveller - Contributing travel writer for The Wise Traveller - "Luxe Hotels in Southeast Asia"

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Just a Pack - Guest post for - "Solo female travel in Asia: A quick 'n dirty guide"

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Travel Hacks - Included in Simona Kusalova's "Top 10 inspiring female solo travel blogs"

Check it out - Featured and quoted in Carol Roth's "Tips to maximize work time"

Check it out - Guest post contributor for Adriana Kupresak - "5 questions to ask yourself before teaching English in Taiwan"

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Banker in the Sun - Guest post contributor for - "I lost my debit card in Laos - now what?"

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Cook Sip Go - Liebster Award Nomination #1

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Girl Vs. Globe - Liebster Award Nomination #2 and featured in "50 Travel Blog Post Ideas"

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Life's Wanderlust - Liebster Award Nomination #3

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The Caffeinated Day Tripper - Liebster Award Nomination #4

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The Casual Travelist - Liebster Award Nomination #4

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Canon Footprints - Liebster Award Nomination #6

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The Nerdy Travelholic - Liebster Award Nomination #7

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Travel Notes & Beyond - Premio Dardos Award nomination

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What people are saying about The Happy Passport

Some guy on Twitter called one of my blog posts “meh.” And one lady on GoodReads gave my book two stars. Otherwise, things seem to be going quite well.


I have been binge-reading your articles and I am honestly OBSESSED. I could literally read your writing all day long every day. It’s so damn entertaining.

– Ryan Powers, Executive Producer, Two Dollar Corkage Films

Rebekah blogs about and promotes solo female travel on her site. While I do not precisely fit into this demographic, I still read her posts because they’re hilarious.

– Dave Cole, travel writer and Founder of Cook Sip Go

She’s a super helpful lady, with a ton of awesome tips on living abroad for mere peanuts per month and making money while traveling. And she’s also into writing about travel experiences, which I love. Her posts on her time in Nepal are all super interesting.

Marielle Green, blogger extraordinaire and Founder of

Former actress, now travel cheerleader, Rebekah Voss knows how to get your attention. Her engaging stories will keep you hooked and her tips will guide you through uncertain waters of solo travel.

– Simona Kusalova, travel writer and Founder of Travel Hacks

I also hadn’t seen her blog, The Happy Passport before, but now I’m OBSESSED.

– Caity O’Shaughnessy, travel blogger, Where The Heart Is


This book is the BEST and MOST PLANNED OUT book that I have ever read regarding HOW TO TRAVEL WITH NO EXCUSES! Rebekah has a passion for traveling and she found ways to make that happen for herself. What a wonderful, helpful and inspiring book! If you are wanting to travel and want to find ways to make this happen for you, then I highly suggest that you read this book!

– Daisy S., Top 10 Amazon reviewer

If you’ve ever had the thought “I can’t think of ways that would allow me to travel abroad in a cost-effective manner”, then read this book. Rebekah destroys this limiting belief with several dozen ways that would be applicable to most people. Great book!!!

– Charlie Poznek, Founder, The Boomer Business Owner

Thanks to Rebekah, reading about travel is almost as fun as travel itself!

– Salvator Marinello, professional trainer,

Let me start out by saying Rebekah Voss’ writing techniques are superb. She definitely got and kept my attention the whole way through the book. This book provided awesome and creative ways and ideas to work around any obstacle that one may encounter when it comes to travelling. I am happy to have read it and unlocked tips and ideas to make travelling affordable and most importantly, realistic.

– John Kapala, reader


Travel Fail is ridiculously engaging and funny! I’ve had my share of travels over the years, and after listening to only two episodes I’m hooked. The best part is that while I’m giggling and thinking ‘Okay, so NEVER make that mistake!’ – I’m also learning about the culture of new places I’ve never been to but aim to go. Can’t wait for more!

– Ry & Jase, iTunes

This podcast is a great way to learn from and enjoy someone else’s travel fail while learning about the culture of different countries along the way. Easy and fun to listen to plus it makes you want to travel too!

– Shirine Taylor, travel blogger and round-the-world cyclist at A Wandering Photo

I don’t get to travel all that much so this makes me feel better to know that people are having a bad time on their vacations. Just kidding! Really enjoy listening!

– Tom Voss, Founder of Veterans Trek and star of the forthcoming documentary Almost Sunrise