What’s the #1 thing solo female travelers are struggling with?

We asked and THP readers answered - here are survey results and some fear-busting ideas for solo female travelers

87% of readers answered “Fear!” when asked what they were struggling with in terms of travel.

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So what about the other 13% of readers?

Fear was always at the core of what stopped a solo female traveler from taking the plunge and seeing the world.

Some miscellaneous answers included:

  • “I’m afraid the bathrooms will be gross.”
  • “I’d love to work while traveling, but what would my partner do while I was working?”
  • “I’m overwhelmed because I have no clue where to go next.”
  • “I’ve been traveling for a while, but now I’m in a city I love and I feel guilty about not traveling anymore.”

Whatever fears or beliefs might be stopping you from traveling, you’re not alone.


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4 comments on “What’s the #1 thing solo female travelers are struggling with?

  1. Mags

    I’m not at all surprised at the outcome of this survey. Fear keeps us from experiencing so many things, whether it’s fear of actual physical safety or just fear of the unknown. I’m guilty of this myself, I fear that solo travel would end up being very lonely, what if I don’t make any friends etc. I know its unreasonable, but it’s hard to get out of your head and just do it. Thanks for posting these useful tips on how to silence those fears and get out and see the world!

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      What a great comment Mags! I think knowing what you’re afraid of is half the battle. “I’m afraid I’ll be lonely” is a great fear b/c it’s specific. It’s much easier to overcome specific fears than those faceless, nameless monsters that make us feel icky and we don’t know why. Thanks for your great insight!

  2. Jennifer

    Hello Just wondering if your in Hoi An I will be there 16-22 August and travelling solo – Coffee? Cheers Jen


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