Travel Yoga in a Rice Paddy in Vietnam

Travel yoga is an exciting way to practice in exotic locations and to stay fit on the road


Travel yoga can be a challenge, especially in remote locations or areas that simply don’t offer yoga classes.

Luckily I’m spending the summer in Hoi An, a town that has managed to create a perfect balance between touristy offerings (waxing! Western-style lattes! Fast WiFi!) and authentic Vietnamese culture (coffee! plastic chairs! swimming in your pajamas!).

That means that yoga studios don’t dot every corner like in over-touristed Luang Prabang, but the yoga classes that are offered here in Hoi An are dynamite.

Stephanie of Hoi An Yoga in Hoi An, Vietnam invited me to do “rice paddy yoga” just outside the city.

The surroundings were gorgeous – you really are in the middle of rice fields, and on the way there I biked past many people working in the paddies. They were wearing traditional hats, raking the land with rusty tools, the whole nine yards.

I had never done yoga outside before, and being able to breathe fresh air while watching the sun set over the river was a truly spiritual experience.

When you’re in Hoi An you can book with Stephanie by visiting

Click play now to check out my yoga adventure:

Have you ever done yoga in a strange location before?

How do you keep up with your yoga practice while traveling? 

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Quick+Dirty Takeaway

1. Travel yoga is a great way to stay fit on the road - you can do it inside during bad weather and outside during great weather!

2. Travel yoga in Asia is a lot cheaper than yoga back home - $5-$7 per class instead of $10-$15 per class or more.

3. In Hoi An, you can do yoga on the beach and yoga in a rice paddy with Stephanie from Hoi An Yoga.

Want to dig deeper? Go for it!

11 comments on “Travel Yoga in a Rice Paddy in Vietnam

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      I know what you mean Agness, last night I did a “Yin” yoga class where you have to hold the poses for 5+ minutes at a time. It’s definitely challenging!!! (:

  1. Acacia

    A thousand times YES to travel yoga…its also a great way to meet potentially like-minded people who are connected to the community you are traveling through (or who have at least been in one place long enough to tell you where the best banh mi is). If you’re lucky, you might even meet Rebekah!

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      That is so true, Acacia! The classes I’ve been taking here are a great mix of Hoi An expats and awesome travelers. Something about yoga seems to attract the coolest people, whether they’re experienced yogis or newbies trying it for the first time. Thanks for your sweet comment! (:

  2. Stephanie

    Travel Yoga sounds great. I’d never heard of it before. One of the beautiful things about yoga is that you can pretty much practice it anywhere you want. You don’t need a gym or any cumbersome equipment… except maybe a mat.
    Stephanie recently posted…Shapeshifter YogaMy Profile

    1. Rebekah Voss Post author

      Thank you Jan, Hoi An is one of my favorite places in the world – especially since that’s where I met my husband! I’m excited to go back in early 2017. I hope if you’re ever in Viet Nam you can check it out!

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