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3 Reasons For Aspiring Travellers To Consider Teaching

3 Reasons For Aspiring Travellers To Consider Teaching

Our travel opportunities are… limited right now, to say the least. 

So what better way to while away the locked-down hours than by making plans for our post-pandemic bucket list? 

You may have your heart set on the trip of a lifetime. Or perhaps you’re considering a change of career. Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity that allows you to do both? For dreamers like you, teaching abroad might just be the perfect solution. 

Whether you’re an experienced teacher looking to take your skills to an international level, or an absolute beginner starting at the bottom of the class, here are just three fantastic reasons to consider teaching abroad. 

1. It’s easier than you think 

You might expect that teaching abroad requires a long list of prohibitive qualifications making it difficult to get into, but the reality is quite different. It might help to have a second language under your belt, but it’s not a must, and depending on where you go, you may pick it up as you go along! 

For those with a particular passion towards one subject, there are plenty of opportunities for teachers in English speaking countries. But elsewhere, there is also a high demand for trained tutors to teach English as a foreign language. ARU Distance Learning offer an Applied Linguistics with TESOL MA for those seeking a fast-track into this fabulous teaching opportunity. 

Understanding your mother tongue from the perspective of a non-native speaker can give you a new appreciation for the complexities of language – your own and others!

2. It sets you up for the future 

Teaching is a fairly evergreen career – although the job market is challenging right now, the world will always need teachers. 

Most who go into the profession consider it a lifelong calling, and of course all teachers should be passionate about education. But you don’t have to commit to it for the rest of your life, and international work experience as a teacher will look great on your CV no matter what role you’re applying for.  

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Working abroad demonstrates commitment, dedication and passion, whilst teaching suggests to a potential employer that you have confidence and leadership skills – both highly valued across industries.

3. It ticks every box 

Teaching abroad gives you the chance to experience the world whilst earning along the way. It can grant you stability if you choose to stay in one place, but can also be flexible – many travelling teachers find work in temporary positions, giving them relative freedom to come and go as they please. 

It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and the chances are that you’ll be teaching alongside individuals from around the world with the same passion for adventure as you. Some of these new acquaintances can lead to lifelong friendships and treasured memories – and after all, isn’t that what travelling is about? 

Could teaching abroad be the next step in your travel adventures? Let us know in the comments below! 

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