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3 Tips for Buying a New Home

3 Tips for Buying a New Home

Home buying is both an exciting and a stressful time, as you try to balance your budget, your family’s needs, and the area you’d prefer to be in. Whether this is your first home, or your fifth, there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying, in order to get the best deal for you and your family. Here are my top 3 tips for buying a new home:

1. Ask What’s Included
When you’re buying a property, what’s included can make a big difference to the value of the property. Are the owners going to leave the kitchen appliances, such as the philips 3200 coffee machine? Or are they going to leave it completely bare. Some sellers will leave certain pieces of furniture, and even TVs. You can also use this as a bargaining tool – accept their price, or close to it, with the stipulation that certain things stay during the sale.

2. Get a Good Real Estate Lawyer
Ensuring that the documents are all properly signed and that the deal has gone through correctly is an important part of the buying process. You’re going to want to ensure you have a good layer, such as Kazmi Law property lawyers Calgary to help you handle this, so you can enjoy peace of mind that everything’s fine. You should also know that lawyers can often offer discounted packages if they’re handling multiple things for you, such as estate creation and buying and selling of properties. Be sure to ask before committing to your lawyer, as even small savings can make a big difference to your buying/selling process.

3. Think Long Term
It can be easy to get caught up in the here and now – if you’ve got a busy home filled with kids, then you may want the largest home you can find. But you need to think about how long you’d like to be in the home, and how it would ‘grow’ with you. Likewise if you’re a childless couple who want to expand their family in the future, it may not make sense to get tied down to a one bedroom apartment. Think about how long you’d ideally like to be in this home – is it a short term thing, or your forever home, and then think about what life stages you’ll spend there. Buying and selling can be an exhausting and expensive process, so many of us want to avoid it by choosing a home that will suit us for a number of stages of our lives.

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Hopefully these tips make your home-buying experience go smoothly and without any issue.

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