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3 Tips for Dealing with Flying Anxiety

3 Tips for Dealing with Flying Anxiety

Do you find yourself worrying when you’re about to board a flight, your palms turn sweaty and you’re mentally running through all the awful situations that might happen on the plane in your head? Maybe your heart races and you start to feel sick. Dealing with flying anxiety can be really disabling, especially if you want to travel but can’t force yourself to get on that plane. I have some friends who can’t travel alone because it’s just unbearable and others that rarely travel at all because it’s so bad. So if you suffer from flying anxiety, first you need to know you’re not alone and then secondly, you need to know there are things you can to do to help minimise how much it affects you so you can continue travelling to your heart’s content!

1. Consider Herbal Supplements
There are herbal options that can help you overcome some of the anxiety, or at least dull it enough so that it’s manageable. One of the most popular options now is CBD oil, but many people also enjoy pure cannabis. This as an option will depend on your state or country, whether it’s currently legal there (with or without a medical certificate). You’ll also want to make sure that you have custom cannabis jars to store your cannabis, but for travel you may find the oil a much easier option. If CBD and cannabis are not options for you, then you can consider other alternatives such as melatonin, 5HTP, or even magnesium which can help relax you without being overwhelming.

2. Talk to a Professional
It may be worth seeing a therapist and trying to get to the bottom of where the anxiety stems from. Were you ever on a plane and involved in an accident that you can’t get past? Does it stem from some other event in your childhood? Talking to a professional is a great way to understand where the fear comes from and to learn some coping strategies that can help you move past it. Due to the Covid situation there are a lot of options for online therapy, which can help make it a little more affordable. If you’ve been putting off therapy due to the cost, perhaps this will help make it more accessible for you.

3. Skip Things that Make You More on Edge
Things like coffee and wine might sound like a good idea before flying, especially if it’s a longer flight, but they also may put you on edge. Coffee for example contains a lot of caffeine, which can influence the hormonal system in your body, raising your cortisol (stress) levels. Both coffee and wine also leave you a bit dehydrated, which isn’t the best way to start a trip when the cabin can also dry you out. Instead opt for a light meal, and some water, it will leave you in the best position to deal with the stress of flying.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you suffer from flying anxiety. Chances are there are a few other people on the flight that are experiencing it too. It can be helpful to let an air host know so they can check in on you during the flight. Hopefully these three tips help you reduce your flying anxiety and allow you to relax a little, so you can enjoy your flight and arrive at your destination well rested. Happy flying!

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