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3 Tips for Travelling in the Pandemic

3 Tips for Travelling in the Pandemic

Travelling during the pandemic is a daunting prospect, and the minimal travelling we can do at the moment should be as Covid-safe as possible – here are some handy tips for a pandemic trip.

1.  Take enough face masks with you

Most countries you visit will expect face masks to be worn on public transport and in public places such as shops, cafes and museums – in some places such as Greece you might even get the police called on you if you fail to comply, which can be a shock if you’re from a more lenient country such as America or England.

It’s a good idea to have at least 2 or 3 reusable masks on you, as it’s unpleasant to use the same one too many times in a row (especially if you find yourself needing to wear them for long periods of time, such as a long train journey or museum visit), and when travelling it is always tricky to know when you will next have access to washing facilities.

While it is good enough to wash masks with just hot water and soap, you will need to give them a proper wash in a machine at least once a week to keep them sanitary and pleasant to use.

2.  Be aware of restrictions

Even under normal circumstances, you should always be aware of border restrictions and document requirements for international travel to avoid getting yourself into hot water at customs.

During this new and unpredictable world where all anyone can do is respond to what the pandemic throws at us, such requirements are always changing – some countries require quarantining for up to two weeks before leaving or after arrival and some even require you to take a test as soon as you’ve got off the plane.

You should also regularly check the no-travel lists of each country, as these are also ever-changing – it’s possible to enter a country when it’s considered Covid safe, and suddenly find yourself stuck there as travel in and out is restricted once again.

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Paying attention to these kinds of changes can help you minimise frustrating delays in your trip, if not eliminate them.

3.  Check your accommodation is Covid safe

Instead of finding accommodation on arrival as you usually might, make sure you research and book Covid-safe accommodation ahead of your arrival. Most websites such as now state whether hotels or apartments are following Covid-19 guidelines, and if you can’t find the information online you will be able to find out by calling ahead and asking before making a booking. Staying in Covid secure accommodation will ensure you keep yourself and other travellers safe during your trip.

Of course, there are many other things to take into consideration when planning a trip during the pandemic, and travelling should be kept to a minimum where possible, but following these tips will ensure your trip is as Covid secure as possible.

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