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4 Tips for Furnishing Your Home

4 Tips for Furnishing Your Home

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current home, or moving to a new home, furnishing your home is an important part of the process. You’re going to want to be really intentional about the pieces you choose and the overall aesthetic of your home, in order to create a cohesive environment. No matter your budget, there are some tips that can help you furnish your home in a way that suits your style and doesn’t break the bank.

1. Mix New and Old
I love mixing new items and old items together. Perhaps you want to reuse a family dining table but are looking for some new dining chairs to add a modern touch to your dining area. Or, maybe you’re looking to elevate your space with a new focal point, whether that’s by exploring statement chandeliers or luxury coffee tables to add a touch of personality to your home. You can also buy pre-loved pieces for your home, whether antique or simply second-hand, in order to minimise the cost of furnishing. Mixing new and old gives added character to your home, and is a great to stay within the budget.

2. Clear Out the Clutter
One of the most important things when furnishing a home, is to clear out the things you’re no longer using or no longer bring you joy. Clearing out the clutter can make your home feel more comfortable, and ensure that you only have things that you really like and need. Additionally, failure to keep your home decluttered can cause further problems in the future. For instance, rubbish lying around the home can attract pests, necessitating the services of companies like Aptive Pest Control Illinois to remove them. So, be really intentional about the things you move into your new home. You could also use this as an opportunity to upgrade that old college bed frame or the mismatched dinnerware set. Whether you found your new home on, or you’ve moved into an inherited properly, clearing out the clutter will ensure your home looks and feels its best.

3. Don’t Forget the Details
There are certain small things that make your home feel a lot more comfortable. For me, it’s a candle in the living room. For you it might be certain books or magazines on your coffee table. Maybe you’ve visited some special wineries and want to keep some of your favourite bottles of wine on display. Another thing that I love having in my home, is special family photos, you can have them made compiled and made into a photobook like what photobook canada does. Often it’s the little things that really tidy up a room and make it feel complete.

4. Make Sure Your Rugs Are Big Enough
One of my pet peeves is when someone buys a feature rug, but it is too small for the space. You want the rug to be ‘hugged’ by the furniture. It should sit under tables, chairs, and couches. If it’s not at least touching these things, it’s too small! Be sure to measure the space before buying to ensure it’s big enough. I love adding rugs to my home, because I feel like it’s a really fast way to add a lot of personality to any room.

Furnishing your home can feel like a big task, but hopefully these tips make it feel a little more manageable. Remember you can always furnish it in stages to help spread out the expense and to make it a little less stressful.

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