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Active Holidays in Rhodes: Hiking Trails, Cycling and Water Sports

Active Holidays in Rhodes: Hiking Trails, Cycling and Water Sports

Rhodes is famous for its ancient heritage and lovely old town, but it also has a wide range of active holidays to offer. If you like hiking, cycling or water sports – no matter what kind of active fun tickles your fancy – Rhodes can give you many options. In this piece we want to give you the best guide for your trip to Rhodes; focusing especially on being active. Enjoy!

Hiking Trails in Rhodes

Exploring Nature on Foot

Rhodes has many trekking paths that fit different fitness levels. The Valley of Butterflies, also called Petaloudes in the Greek language, is a famous trail on this island. During summer months and other warm periods, you can see numerous butterflies there which makes it an attractive scene to observe. The trail is relatively easy, making it suitable for families and casual hikers.

If you are after a more demanding outing, the climb up Mount Attavyros is for you. This highest peak on the island provides sweeping views of Rhodes and Aegean Sea that surround it. Although the ascent can be quite steep and needs a good fitness level, reaching the top is truly rewarding.

Coastal Walks and Scenic Views

The coastline of Rhodes is marked by beautiful trails where people can enjoy an amazing view of the sea. The path from Monolithos to Fourni Beach, liked by many hikers, goes through pine forests and rocky ground before reaching Fourni Beach which is hidden away and ideal for a dip after trekking.

Another trail that’s worth mentioning is the path which leads towards the old Kamiros. Beginning from Salakos village, this route guides you through olive groves and vineyards until it reaches Kamiros’s ruins. The hike to this ancient city provides a look into the history of the island, making it both physically and mentally stimulating.

Cycling in Rhodes

Pedal Power Adventures

Cycling is a great method for discovering Rhodes, as it lets you move around more than walking while still providing a chance to enjoy the island’s nature. The cycling paths in Rhodes range from simple, level rides to tougher hilly trails.

The path from Rhodes Town to Kalithea Springs is a favourite for people who cycle. This ride, which isn’t very steep, goes along the east part of the island and lets you see lovely villages and views of the sea as well. Kalithea Springs is famous because of its healing waters and nice buildings, perfect place to take rest and get energy back again.

Mountain Biking Thrills

For people who love adventure, Rhodes offers many mountain biking paths that are full of thrill and beauty. The routes around Profitis Ilias Mountain are loved by a lot of bikers. These paths go through thick forests and difficult ground, making it very exciting for bike riders who have experience.

Around Archangelos, you can also find a spot for mountain biking. The rough natural terrain and many paths make it an ideal place to enjoy this activity. The routes have different levels of difficulty, suitable for all kinds of riders – from starters to experienced players.

Water Sports in Rhodes

Diving and Snorkelling

Diving and Snorkelling in Rhodes: The clear waters around Rhodes make it an excellent place for diving or snorkelling. On the island, there are many diving centres that give guided dives and rent out equipment too. Some popular places to dive are the caves at Kalithea and a shipwreck located in Plimmiri. These sites show what the Aegean Sea looks like underwater, with colourful sea creatures and interesting views of the landscape beneath.

Snorkelling is a very good choice for seeing the underwater beauty of Rhodes. The waters around Anthony Quinn Bay are well-known as a good place to go snorkelling. The rocky bottom of the bay and its clear waters offer excellent visibility, making it possible to observe different kinds of fish and marine life.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Rhodes holds a strong reputation for windsurfing and kitesurfing, especially on its south coast. Prasonisi Beach is famous for these activities due to the steady wind and perfect waves. You can find many schools and rental stores here, providing lessons as well as necessary gear for both beginners and professionals.

Ixia Beach, found on the west coast of the island, is another famous place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Steady winds and somewhat flat water make it a superb location to enjoy these activities. Numerous hotels in this area provide windsurfing and kitesurfing deals, making it simple for beginners.

Transportation in Rhodes

Getting Around the Island

Moving around Rhodes is quite easy, as there are many choices for transportation that can adjust to different tastes and budgets. Some options to consider:

  • Car Rentals: Renting a car is a good option for getting around Rhodes Island at your own speed. There are many car rental businesses on the island, and they have various types of vehicles to fit different budgets and requirements. Reserving your rental ahead of time can help you avoid wasting time and guarantee the best possible price.
  • Taxis: Taxis are easy to find in Rhodes Town and also at the airport. They are good for short trips or if you don’t want to drive yourself. Always confirm the price before starting your journey so that there is no confusion later on.
  • Buses: The island has a dependable bus service that links main towns and tourist spots. Moving by bus is cheap, but it might get very packed in peak tourist time.
  • Rhodes AtoB Transfers: For a smooth journey, you might like to use transfer services. They can be reserved beforehand and usually offer choices for child seats as well as other facilities. Transfers are perfect when going from the airport or heading towards your place of stay with no worries at all.

Rhodes Transfers Table

Transportation OptionDescriptionBenefits
Car RentalsRent a car to explore at your own paceFlexible, convenient
TaxisReadily available in major areasQuick, easy for short trips
BusesReliable service connecting key areasEconomical, frequent services
TransfersPre-booked transfer servicesStress-free, includes amenities

Accommodation Options for Active Holidays

Hotels and Resorts

Rhodes has various places to stay, including luxury resorts and hotels that fit a less expensive budget. There are many hotels especially for those who like active vacations. They have things like bike rental services, fitness centers and make it easy to reach hiking paths or water sport spots.

The big resorts in places such as Faliraki and Ixia usually have their sports amenities like tennis courts, pools for swimming, and water sports tools. It can be handy to stay at these resorts because they provide a variety of activities on the premises.

Villas and Apartments

Developing the idea of having a personal touch, you might think about renting a villa or apartment. This choice gives more freedom and seclusion, enabling you to establish your own timetable. Numerous villas have private pools and are situated near hiking routes or beaches, which make them perfect for those who love active holidays.

Flats which are found in towns like Lindos and Rhodes Town have the benefit of being near to local amenities and attractions. They can be a suitable choice for those who prefer being close to restaurants, shops as well as cultural sites while still having simple reach towards outdoor activities too.

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For people who appreciate being more in touch with nature, camping is an excellent choice. The island has many campsites, usually near well-liked hiking paths or beaches. Camping lets you fully enjoy the natural attractions of Rhodes and can be a less costly option.

Certain campsites possess extra amenities like shared kitchens, showers and even rental equipment for activities such as biking or kayaking. Camping can also create a feeling of friendship among other travellers and lovers of the outdoors.

Tips for an Active Holiday

Plan Ahead

Planning is very important for your active holiday in Rhodes. Get information about the trails and routes you want to try, see weather conditions, and make sure you have all needed equipment with yourself. Booking activities and transport beforehand will help you save time and make things go more smoothly.

Stay Hydrated

Rhodes can become very hot, mostly during the summer time. If you are doing hiking or cycling activities, as well as water sports like swimming in the sea – it is important to keep your body hydrated. Remember always bring enough water and take breaks not get too hot.

Respect Nature

As you appreciate the natural charm of Rhodes, it is crucial to also preserve the surroundings. Stay on indicated paths, don’t leave any rubbish behind and be considerate towards local animals. This respect for nature will keep Rhodes a captivating place for those who come later.

Safety First

Don’t forget about safety during your active holiday. Wear correct clothes and protection for the activity you choose. Tell someone about your plans and when you think to come back, especially if it’s in a far-off place like hiking or cycling.

For a holiday that’s full of action, Rhodes provides an extensive assortment of activities. You can go walking on trails, ride bicycles across pretty scenery or even dive into the clear sea water in Aegean. Prepare well and bring along your adventurous spirit – an active holiday in Rhodes will be unforgettable for sure!


Rhodes is perfect place for people wanting active holiday. It has many different landscapes, much history, and lot of activities to do. There is something everyone can enjoy. From walking on beautiful trails and riding bikes along lovely paths to swimming in the clean waters of the Aegean Sea, Rhodes gives many chances for exciting activities and discovering new things.

If you plan trip carefully, drink enough water and respect nature, your experience will be good and happy. No matter if you like peaceful walking in forest, exciting biking on mountains or fun of doing sports in water, Rhodes have everything for everyone to enjoy. Have fun with your active holiday on this lovely island, and bring back memories that will stay forever.

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