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Bike Playlist for Commuting to Work

Bike Playlist for Commuting to Work

Waking up early and commuting across town in the cold morning air takes a special type of person. If you bike to work, you should energize yourself with a special kind of playlist. Today, there are many ways to safely listen to music while riding, even on busy roadways. To avoid the distraction of wearing in-ear earbuds, just look for speaker accessories for cruiser bikes or road bikes and upload your favorite music. Here are a few album recommendations to help you make a playlist for your daily grind:

1. Tame Impala: Currents

Somehow, Tame Impala has transcended the murky world of indie psych-rock to achieve mainstream success. While it is hard to categorize Currents as a break-out album, it certainly took the group to a new level of mainstream fame. The album features numerous re-listenable tracks perfect for encouraging you to power through your daily commute.

2. Com Truise: Iteration

Electronic guru Seth Hayley of Com Truise has long been known for recreating the electric sounds of the 80s. On Iteration, he seems to revitalize his standard template of synth textures to create a fuller, more modern sound that still manages to evoke the nostalgia present in previous releases. Because Hayley’s music is free of unaltered vocals, Iteration is an easy listen for difficult rides that will make you feel like riding off into the sunrise.

3. Caribou: Swim

Comfort bikes are ideal for sitting back and listening to artist Dan Snaith’s critically acclaimed Swim. While the album is equal parts psychedelic and dance, it remains consistent and enjoyable for its entire 43 minute run time—more than enough time for most commutes. Snaith’s body of work is as about as eclectic as music gets, but Swim is cohesive enough to remain distinct in any playlist.

4. The War on Drugs: Lost in The Dream

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Though Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs is the predecessor to the Grammy-winning A Deeper Understanding, it still has its own unique qualities that make it suitable for commuting. The album is somewhat more upbeat and considerably less spacious than its successor, and its shorter but tighter Americana-influenced tracks result in a remarkably satisfying listening experience that only seems to get better with time.

5. Explosions in the Sky: The Earth Is Not a Cold, Dead Place

When it comes to atmospheric, instrumental post-rock, Explosions in the Sky have had the market cornered for some time. For those who prefer not to jolt themselves awake with coffee, the soothing guitar tones of The Earth Is Not a Cold, Dead Place might just provide a worthy alternative. While Your Hand In Mine is the album’s most recognizable track, it features several other emotive tracks to help you start your day.

Of course, all music preferences are personal, so have fun building your own playlist and don’t be afraid to branch out. If you are having trouble with your current bike or if you need a bike to dedicate to your commute, look for commuter bicycles for sale online or in a store near you.

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