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Finding Gifts for Hard-to-buy-for-friends

Finding Gifts for Hard-to-buy-for-friends

One of the hardest things about showing you care can be choosing the right gift for someone. Of course, anyone is always grateful for a gift – it’s nice to be thought of. But buying someone something they actively dislike, or to do with a hobby that they have no interest in at all, can actually make the recipient feel like the giver doesn’t know them at all. You can avoid this by going for the bland gift options like candles or bath salts – but who wants to do that? Instead, why not look further afield to find more interesting things to give the people in your life.

  1. High-quality food

Is there a friend in your life who loves cooking and playing chef, who’s always folding down corners in the William Sanoma catalogue and sticking markers in their favorite recipes? This person would love a gift of high-quality food to cook with, such as unusual veg, a special blend of spices or even well cute meats. There are plenty of boutique companies out there, like Stemmler meats, who specialise in their area and can tailor to your needs, making sure you get your foodie friend the perfect gift to their tastes.

  1. Fashionable clothes

Do you have a friend who always looks amazing, but you know they’re also super into sustainability and like to shop at ethical brands? Have a look at, and enjoy choosing from a range of great styles while knowing it’s all sustainably made – from soft loungewear to dresses, there’s something for every style. In fact, why stop at your friend’s birthday present – treat yourself as well!

  1. An indie t-shirt

The perfect mix between affordable and personal, this website offers a huge range of printed t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and more for you to buy an accessory featuring your friend’s favourite characters or game. If you know their size then you can choose from a range of t-shirts and hoodies, or for a smaller token of your care and appreciation, you can go for some stylish stickers or even a mug.

4. Jeans Lover

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When searching for gifts for a jeans lover, consider options that cater to their unique style and interests. For the fashion-forward individual who appreciates functionality, tactical jeans could be an ideal choice. These versatile pants blend rugged durability with modern design, offering ample pockets and reinforced stitching for practical use. Whether for outdoor adventures or everyday wear, tactical jeans make a thoughtful and practical gift for the denim enthusiast in your life.

Lastly, don’t forget to shop for some beautiful wrapping paper for that extra excitement. Visit Koch & Co for a wide variety of patterns, colours, and styles. So there you have it, if you’ve been flat out of ideas for a gift for that tricky friend, a niche thoughtful gift that shows you’ve had them in mind is sure to go down far better than anything generic. Show them what a good friend you are, and make their day!

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