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Free Time Feeling a Little Empty? Here Are Three New Hobbies to Try!

Free Time Feeling a Little Empty? Here Are Three New Hobbies to Try!

It’s easy to get bored of doing the same things day in, day out – we go to work, we come home, maybe cook ourselves a nice meal, then sleep and repeat the next day. But that’s not enough to enjoy life – we all need an activity we enjoy to get us out of our headspace to develop as people and make the most of our free time.

In other words, we all need a hobby! But there is such a huge range of activities to try, it can be overwhelming trying to pick what would work best for us. That’s why we’ve written this handy guide to offer you three new ideas to try out, ranging from sports to craft (and a couple in between). We’re sure that somewhere in this list, you’ll find a hobby that works for you!

  1. Knitting

Although it may seem an old fashioned pass-time, knitting is a therapeutic and productive hobby which can be either social or solitary depending on your preference. Just learning the basics of this creative pursuit will leave you able to decorate your home with cushion covers, blankets, and more, while learning more advanced techniques can allow you to create toys, clothes and more. What’s more, this is a low investment hobby – once you’re set up with your first set of needles, there are plenty of free patterns to be found online and yarn can be bought per project!

  1. Tennis

One for the more active among us is the fantastic game of tennis. As well as being a great way to get active that isn’t your usual running or gym-bunny routine, tennis also offers a great new community of friends once you join your local club or find other enthusiasts to connect with online. Additionally, tennis doesn’t require a tonne of equipment to get going like many sports and hobbies do – once you’ve got yourself some shoes and a tennis racket, you’re good to go down at your local tennis court.

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  1. Foraging

This hobby is a little more on the unusual end, but is facing increased popularity as sustainability becomes a more central concern of modern life. Instead of buying out of season produce shipped from all over the globe, there is a lot of great food to be found in the natural spaces around our homes – whether you live near a wood, a river, or a meadow, foraging can yield great results and give you access to a diverse and knowledgeable new group of friends! It’s important to bear in mind the importance of knowing what you’re looking for when foraging – but as long as you go in educated and willing to learn from your local experts, this could be your new hobby!

It can be difficult to pick up a new hobby, but helpfully we’ve helped you on your way to finding your new favourite pastime!

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