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Injury While Travelling: What to Do?

Injury While Travelling: What to Do?

Traveling is a great experience, especially when you are on vacation. You may also travel a lot for business. 

Do you ever think of and plan for bad experiences during your travels? Do you know what to do if you get injured while far away from home?

Most of us rarely consider the dangers encountered on the road, during a flight, or on a cruise in a different state or abroad. These could include a scary robbery, a harrowing vehicle accident, a dangerous fall, or a debilitating bite.

Bad things happen to millions of travelers everyday. Therefore, we should all know how to deal with such experiences if they occur to you. 

Here are some tips on how to handle an injury while traveling.

The main things to consider after an injury

It’s always good to list the significant things to think of after an injury. These are;

  • Should you talk to people around, such as hotel managers, flight attendants, tour guides, or taxi drivers, wherever you are injured?
  • How will you pay for your medical bills and those of others you may be traveling with?
  • Do you have an accident attorney to help you deal with any legal issues associated with your injury?
  • Are there authorities you should report your accident to, and what procedure should you follow?
  • Do you have travel insurance, and what is the correct procedure to follow when filing a claim with your insurer?

With regard to all these points, here is a step-by-step list of suggestions on how to deal with an injury while traveling.

1. Notify people around you of your injury

Immediately after an injury, the first thing to do is to tell those around you about it. This will give you immediate help you may need, such as first aid.

These people will also act as witnesses to your accident or any events that lead to it in case you need to file a claim.

Suppose you experience an injury after a robbery, the people around you may help in identifying the assailants and filing a police report. 

2. Calling emergency responders for help

You may be alone during an injury. It could happen on a lonely road, in your hotel room, or on a boat. In this case, the first step is to call emergency services for help.

Whenever you visit an area, note down the emergency numbers such as police, ambulance services and even the closest hospital. 

Additionally, know how to reach emergency responders while on a plane, cruise ship, or in a hotel.

These emergency responders will give you first aid treatment and get you to the nearest health facility if you need serious medical attention.

3. Paying for medical bills after an injury during travel

Once you get medical treatment for your injury, you will have bills to pay. Who will pay for them?

Get in touch with your insurance health provider to find out how much of the bill they can cover. 

If not, you may have to reach into your pocket and pay for the hospital expenses yourself. This can be very expensive. So it’s always a good idea to have travel health insurance before traveling. However, if you find that even your travel insurance won’t cover the costs, you can turn to short-term lenders like Spotloan to help cover your medical bills. Lenders will work with you to find a payment plan that works for you and your circumstances.

Share your travel itinerary with the health insurance provider. They will use it to organize your travel health insurance, give you details on the local hospitals and doctors they work with, and what activities to avoid during your journey to ensure you do not suffer injuries they cannot cover.

4. Collecting evidence of your accident

It’s essential to collect all the evidence you can of your accident so that you can send it all to an attorney like those at

Take pictures or videos of your injury where possible.It could be a corrosive substance that has burnt you, pictures of an insect that has bitten you, the scene of your car accident, or a picture of an assailant.

And if, for some reason, you can’t do it, ask a witness such as a bystander, facility manager, or fellow passenger to take the pictures and videos for you.

These pictures and videos will give doctors a clue about what happened to you. They may also help you to get compensation for your injury.

5. Filing a claim with your insurance provider after a traveling accident

Getting injured while traveling can be a costly affair.

There are unexpected bills to deal with, such as medical bills, extra accommodation costs, and money to replace any items you lose, such as your luggage. The time you spend in the hospital could also translate to lost earnings.

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Therefore, you should file a travel insurance claim to get compensation for your injuries and all the inconveniences you go through as a result of it. The money you get will depend on the type of travel insurance policy you have and its limitations.

If you have a good travel insurance package, the money you get will suffice to pay for all your expenses. Some examples are money for your hospital bills and travel expenses back home.

Contact your travel insurance provider immediately after an accident and give them all the details of the injury as soon as possible. They will advise you on how to go about getting compensation for it.

6. Hiring a personal injury attorney to help you deal with your travel injury 

You should hire a personal injury attorney from a reputable firm like Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, who proudly state they will go to War For 214 to help the people of Nashville get justice, in order to help you deal with lawsuits that might result from your injury. 

Every jurisdiction has different rules and a personal injury lawyer that knows the particular country or state well, is the way to go. If you get injured while traveling in the garden state, contact a NJ accident attorney to assist you pursue compensation. 

Compensation is money you can use to get proper medical attention and replace any personal items you lose during the experience. Some examples are vehicle repairs, damaged work equipment, or lost personal items.

You may also need to file a claim against the person responsible for your travel injury for the trauma you go through. 

In such a case, getting your injury compensation lawsuit in court according to jurisdictional regulations and within the time limit (usually between 1 – 3 years) is vital. The earlier you do it, the better because it may take time to finalize your lawsuit and get the money you deserve.  

Final thoughts on injury while traveling

Now you know what to do if you encounter an incident that results in an injury while traveling. If you follow the tips we’ve listed here, you can deal with such an eventuality and come out the other end with fewer losses.

It’s also essential to have a list of the things you should not do when traveling to reduce your chances of suffering an injury on a trip. For example, avoiding dangerous activities such as hiking in rough terrain, socializing in dangerous areas, or living in unsafe accommodation places.

Once you take control of your safety, you can efficiently deal with any accidental injuries you suffer with the suggestions we’ve given you. So remember to take this list with you the next time you travel.

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