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Making Sure Your Posh Kids Make the Best of Their Time at Fancy School

Making Sure Your Posh Kids Make the Best of Their Time at Fancy School

Making sure your kids get the best education on the market is the ambition of many a good parent, so much so that a lot of focus and energy is put towards just choosing the right school – and doubtless it’s going to be one of the best private schools in Canada if you’ve got anything to do with it.

However, once the selection is made and that all-important place is secured for your child, don’t lose focus. You know they’ll be getting the best education money can buy, but will they be enjoying their time there, looking after themselves and, especially if you travel a lot – how will they know you’re still thinking of them? We’ve put together a couple of ideas to help you make sure your children are happy at school, even when you’re not able to be with them.

  1. Gym equipment

Private schools are known for having great sports facilities and school spirit, but being able to work out alone and look after your own physique is still a massive source of confidence and self-discipline – and if your child is an athlete, they need to have access to workout equipment at their leisure, not be waiting around for a free spot at the gym. To help them achieve their physical goals, why not surprise them with a set of equipment from

  1. Accessories

Private schools are also well known for their active social schedules, and no doubt there’ll be more than one party or formal event to attend during the year – they need to look their best! Why not send them stylish accessories from to keep them up to style and looking beautiful? Jewellery like this is also a wonderful gift to show that someone’s thinking of you, so if you’re worrying that they don’t know how close they are to your heart, this might be the perfect way to prove them wrong.

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  1. A subscription

There’s an endless array of different subscriptions available out there – from weekly healthy snack boxes to mystery books to skincare, there’s a subscription service out there to suit absolutely everyone. As a gift to see them through the year with something they enjoy, why not offer them a subscription of their choice?

So there you have it – just because you’ve chosen the right school and they’re on their way there doesn’t mean it’s all over! There are many more ways you could and should make sure they’re getting the most out of their school experiences and lives.

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