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Taxi VS Limo: Here’s Why You Should Travel in Style

Taxi VS Limo: Here’s Why You Should Travel in Style

When you don’t have a car of your own and need to go somewhere, you, like many other people, tend to automatically use public transport because it is readily available. However, when it comes to parties and celebrations, taxis tend to be the first port of call.

However, more and more people are realizing that hiring a limo adds extra sparkle and comfort to your traveling experience! Here are just some of the reasons limos beat taxis every time!

Cost – you might think that hiring a cab will cost less than hiring a limo, but a taxi gets more expensive the longer the distance, and you also pay more for extra services, like loading and offloading your bags. When you hire a limo, however, the price you pay includes waiting time, drop-offs, and midway pickups.

Cleanliness and comfort – taxi drivers don’t have the time to clean their vehicles between shifts or fares, so you can’t be guaranteed that the taxi you use will be clean. In addition to this, cabs rarely offer comfortable rides, because their main aim is to simply get you to your destination. Limos, on the other hand, are kept spotlessly clean all the time and are built for perfect comfort. Apart from more legroom, the limo you hire will provide you with music, television, and other forms of entertainment to make your ride an enjoyable, relaxing experience!

Reservations – when you hire a cab, you may have to wait for a long time before a driver is available. With a limo, however, you don’t wait long, because all bookings are handled according to the client’s needs.

Service – the main aim of a taxi is to get you to your destination as soon as possible, get paid, and then pick up their next fare. Taxi drivers are more focused on earning money than chatting with you during the ride, which creates a cold and aloof atmosphere. Limos are quite different, however, because part of a limo driver’s job is to take the time that you are in his vehicle, as pleasant as possible, which includes having a conversation with you with a smile on his face.

Experienced drivers – limo companies only employ experienced drivers who know the shortest and safest routes to enable them to get you to your destination at a time suitable to you. In addition to this, limo drivers undergo extensive vehicle repair training, so they know what to do if their limo should break down. Limousines are also fully insured.

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Hospitality – when hiring a limo, you enjoy the kind of hospitality you deserve, like being greeted with a smile, having the vehicle doors opened and closed for you, and anything else to make your experience as pleasant as possible. You won’t get this type of hospitality when you hire a taxi, where the driver’s main concern is to get you from A to B and be paid.

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If the above excellent reasons to hire a limo rather than a taxi have piqued your interest, then a Bergen Limo NJ is a great option for traveling in luxury and safety around New Jersey!

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