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The 5 Most Common Auto Parts Needed To Be Replaced

The 5 Most Common Auto Parts Needed To Be Replaced

Automotive design improves a little bit every year, but the basic principles remain the same. That means some parts have to be made to wear out, and replacing them is a regular part of vehicle maintenance. Planning for your replacement window for these five common replacement parts will help keep your vehicle in great shape without breaking your budget.

The Wear & Tear of Brake Pads

Brake pad wear is part of the braking mechanism. The pad makes contact with the rotor, using friction to slop and eventually stop the vehicle, and that means the pad is going to get a bit thinner each time you brake. Brake pads might be the most common auto replacement parts after oil filters.

Clogged Air Filters

Today’s air filters last a lot longer than the ones that you had to rely on 20 years ago, and you can clean them for a while, but sooner or later they will get clogged beyond repair. It’s a common cause for check engine lights and one of the easiest to fix because a clogged air filter reduces your engine power by starving the internal combustion reaction of oxygen. Checking your air filter at every oil change and giving it a quick cleaning can help you monitor its condition so you know when to order a replacement.

Filters Every Oil Change

Changing your oil filter is so common that many people don’t even think of it as replacing a part, but it is. If you have your oil changed at a garage, it is a part you might not have to do a lot of thinking about, but you get a new one at every oil change. If you’re starting to DIY your auto maintenance, you’ll need to order the right size for your vehicle wherever you find GM auto parts online.

Tires, Always Tires

Tire replacement is only every few years for most people, but if you spend a lot of time pulling a trailer, going off-road, or taking road trips, you can wind up needing a pair every other year to keep up with the tread wear. Tires are one part that pays off when you invest in performance parts because high-performance tires are typically under warranty for a higher mileage than their economy-class counterparts.

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Updating Worn Out Shock Absorbers

Your shocks probably only need to be replaced every 50,000 to 75,000 miles, but where you fall in that window will depend on the way you drive, the terrain you handle, and the quality of your shock absorber. If you’re running an off-road build or using premium racing shocks, they may have a shorter life expectancy than economy-class shock absorbers for general road use, but that is because you are also operating under very different conditions from the average driver.

Find the Replacement Parts You Need

Whether you are stocking up for the next leg of your regular maintenance rotation or searching for Melling replacement parts to take care of a worn-out oil pump, the key is finding a retailer with the variety you need. Start searching today.

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