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The Best Jobs to Do Remotely While Travelling the World

The Best Jobs to Do Remotely While Travelling the World

No matter how good you are at saving, it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point need more money while traveling. Whether you just want more spending money or you plan to make traveling a long term lifestyle, you need flexible work which doesn’t limit your ability to move whenever and wherever you want to. Although you may still have to stick to deadlines or pre-arranged times, these are some of the best jobs you can do remotely while traveling the world.

1. Freelance writing

Although you might not think it if you’ve always found it easy, writing is a sought-after skill, and many companies and small businesses outsource their content creation needs. Although you will usually have deadlines to work to, you can fit these jobs entirely to your schedule and work from anywhere in the world. Some great websites for freelance writing projects are Upwork and Fiverr – all you need to do is set up a great profile to get started.

2. Teaching English

Many people across the globe want to learn English, whether for business, for travel or just for fun. Getting qualified as an English language tutor is easy to do, with thousands of courses available on line and in person, ranging from the highly regarded courses like the CELTA or more accessible distance learning courses. Generally speaking, more in-depth courses are only necessary if you want to work in schools or pursue a career in teaching English – if you’re just looking to make some extra money while you travel, then a more low-key course will be fine. Just make sure that your course is 120 hours, as this is the industry standard and what most employers (including individuals) will be looking for.

3. Online translation jobs

Are you bilingual or fluent in several languages? If so, you could put your abilities to good use by getting involved in translation. All kinds of companies need their blog content, instruction manuals, and communication emails translated into different languages and will hire freelancers to do it for them. This is a great way to make money without having to learn a new skill beforehand, and it’s also a good opportunity to keep our language skills polished while getting paid – always useful when traveling!

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Wondering how to keep yourself funded throughout traveling can be stressful, but there are plenty of flexible and lucrative options out there that make it more than possible to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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