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The Bonus of a Sea View

The Bonus of a Sea View

Sea views are something that many people dream of having. Devon is one of the counties in England that is known for its stunning sea views. In this article, we will explore the pros of seeing the sea and how it can benefit you both mentally and emotionally. Then you might think about the places to stay in Devon to start planning your trip or sea view holiday more specifically.

The Calming Effect

The sea has a calming effect on many people. Looking out over the sea can bring about a sense of calm and relaxation, which is great for reducing stress levels and improving your mental health. Even if you don’t visit the sea often, having a sea view from your home or temporary office can be incredibly beneficial. 

It is nice to see the sea view whatever the weather is doing. In the UK, it is unpredictable what the weather might be like but we can still enjoy the views from inside our vacation rental, as long as we rent somewhere with a view that is within eyeshot. Even if it is a little further away, we can use binoculars to bring the action closer, but you often do not need to when your cottage is situated right on the coastline. It may be on top of a cliff and have the most wonderful view looking down or be more level with the sea, just a distance away. On a beautifully sunny day, it will be just spectacular to venture out and see the sights.

Always think carefully when looking for a place to stay. The view is important because it is part of the experience. It is not just about where we visit and might want to photograph but also what we see while we are staying at a property. We can look at the views from inside the property as we eat or enjoy family entertainment and plan the coming days.

The Benefits of Fresh Air

Sea air is known for being incredibly fresh and bracing. Having sea views means that you can open your windows and let in lots of sea air, which can help with sleep quality, reduce fatigue and make it easier to concentrate throughout the day.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh sea air. It is medicinal and something that the doctor would recommend for everyone if we asked them. Places by the sea are so relaxing to stay at and we can stay for a while when we are inside accommodation that we are renting for a reasonable amount of time. This can be for a single person, couple, or family.

The doctor would order fresh air for everyone if he could. We are not talking about oxygen but the air outside that contains a percentage of it. However, those who live in cities will also find their lungs polluted with other unwanted substances. So, every once in a while we ought to seek some fresh air from our holiday and then feel much better for it.

Inspiration & Creativity 

Having sea views can be incredibly inspiring and can help to fuel creativity. Many artists, writers, and musicians have found sea views to be a great source of inspiration for their work. This is due to the sea’s ability to bring about feelings of peace and contentment, which can allow you to focus more deeply on your creative projects. Many books have been set at places where people have stayed and felt inspired.

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Well, we can feel inspired or relaxed, or both. Whatever we choose for our temporary environment for our holiday week or several weeks.

Sea views can also be great for reducing the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The sea’s natural light and beauty can help to improve your mood and lift your spirits, even during the darker winter months.

Let’s then feel inspired and book that sea view in a place such as Devon. We will surely feel better as a result!

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