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Take to the Sea: CDC Lowers its Cruise Ship Warning

Take to the Sea: CDC Lowers its Cruise Ship Warning

It’s no secret that the pandemic has been rough on travelers.

Social distancing made many forms of travel difficult or completely unviable. Planes don’t exactly provide a lot of personal space.

Border closures also posed a serious issue for the adventurous. Many countries had their borders shut down for quite some time following the start of the pandemic.

Luckily, both of these issues have been largely resolved. The rollout of vaccines and the slowing of the spread have made vacations and getaways viable again.

And that trend is continuing into the future. The CDC recently lowered its warning for cruise ships.

The Unique Challenges of Cruise Ships

As far as the pandemic is concerned, cruise ships are pretty much the worst form of travel imaginable.

For one, cruise ships are necessarily pretty communal. The ships are designed to operate like oceanic resorts, with tons of common spaces.

In fact, that’s one of the major selling points of a cruise ship. The activities, the luxurious dining areas, and the onboard entertainment are a big component of their appeal.

But with COVID, these things became repellents. Getting together with a bunch of people from various parts of the country was a recipe for disaster when things were escalating.

Then there were the visits to other countries.

Typically, a cruise ship would stop at numerous destinations along its route. You’d have the chance to explore several countries as the ship docked. This is a big part of what draws people to cruise ships.

But during the start of the pandemic, many countries had their borders closed or had some pretty serious restrictions in place. There was simply no way cruises could continue to offer the numerous stops they would under normal circumstances.

Even if the countries did allow visitors, sending a ship full of people off into a new country every day or so was a bad idea. If even one person got exposed during their visit, there would likely be an outbreak when everyone gathered back onto the ship.

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As you can see, cruise ships just weren’t a great idea. But fortunately, things have changed.

Why The CDC Lowered the Warning Level

With the rollout of vaccines, better testing measures, and a more thorough understanding of COVID-19, cruise ships can now offer passengers a much safer experience.

Crew members and passengers alike are tested prior to coming aboard, significantly reducing the risk of an outbreak. Additionally, if anyone is suspected of contracting COVID, they can be tested and quarantined so they don’t spread it throughout the ship.

The main driver of the CDC’s decision is the increase in vaccination rates though. The CDC highly encourages those interested in embarking on a cruise to stay up-to-date with their vaccines to reduce the risk of contracting COVID.


Whether you’re a solopreneur looking for an exciting way to work while traveling or just want an efficient way to visit numerous countries, cruises can be an amazing experience.

With borders opening across the globe and the CDC lowering the warning levels around cruises, now is a fantastic time to take to the sea.

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