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Top 4 Jobs if You Want to Travel More

Top 4 Jobs if You Want to Travel More

If you’re living in a country with not much holiday time, it can be tricky figuring out ways to travel more. There are a few jobs that give you the flexibility to explore to your heart’s content, while still bringing in a steady pay cheque. If you’re not interested or able to take a gap year, or just looking for a career that will allow you to travel a bunch, here are my top 4 jobs to consider if you want to travel more:

1. A Teacher

Teaching is a very tiring job, with long hours that stretch into the evenings and weekends. It is something that you should only pursue if you have a genuine desire to teach, but one of the main perks of this profession is the extensive vacation times. They vary, depending on which country you’re teaching in, but generally most countries give teachers around two months of holiday time a year. You’ll be likely restricted to taking your leave during the school’s holidays, but it is considerably more generous than most processions afford.

2. An Air Host

This is an obvious choice because you actually travel for work – so you’re inherently traveling a lot. However the reality of being an air host is that you’re often quite busy, with flights booked back to back, leaving you with not much time to explore on your stopovers which can be disappointing. However, you’ll get radically reduced flights, allowing you to explore and further during your time off.

3. Working Remote

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Working remotely is hands down the best way to be able to travel while working. You can pick up so many different types of job, from content creation through to marketing and sales. You can work directly for a company as a remote employee, or pick up private contracts to fill up your hours. The options are unlimited and are dependent on your skillset, and what type of work you think you’ll enjoy the most. I suggest establishing your remote career before you leave, so that you can see how much work you’ll be required to do and how fast you can travel. 

4. An Overseas Contract

Why not consider moving to an international office in your company, if it’s an option. Perhaps you can take up an in person job somewhere in Europe, or Asia. Basing yourself overseas is an excellent way to be able to explore a new region – whether taking short trips around the country on the weekend, or using your holiday time to explore more exotic destinations without having to deal with super long flights. 
I find that working while traveling is a great way to be able to afford longer trips, to see more, and to soak in more of a place before needing to move on. Although the pandemic has impacted travel considerably, I think one advantage is that due to everyone working remotely, it will be easier to find a better work and travel balance in the future. 

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