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Travel influencers: How using DAM software can make working overseas, work for you!

Travel influencers: How using DAM software can make working overseas, work for you!

Whether you’re a travel blogger, international influencer or you work overseas remotely, it’s clear that you’re getting the best of both worlds! With a steady income, incredible locations, and perhaps more freedom than your peers, it’s hardly surprising that more people than ever are looking to become a digital nomad or hitting the road and embarking on a travel influencer lifestyle. 

But, do you have all the right tools in place to work overseas effectively? Handling your digital assets as a travel influencer isn’t as easy as it sounds. And with other responsibilities and pressures mounting, losing control of your digital assets could leave your online career in doubt. Here we’ll explore why travel influencers should invest in DAM software, and how to make working overseas, work for you! 

Keep track of your digital assets

The ultimate in brand management software, a strong digital asset management system should be in every travel influencers digital tool kit. As a travel influencer, maintaining high levels of organization is crucial to your role. But, when you’re handling potentially hundreds of digital files a day, it’s easy to lose track of your most valuable assets. Logos, edited photos, videography, sales and recorded ad content, and marketing instructions from your 3rd party collaborator are all things that must be kept in order. Accidentally using the wrong file, or misplacing this data can cause all kinds of issues. 

But with DAM software in place, you’ll no longer have to worry about locating all those files hidden in email chains, those stuck on your old desktop or corrupted on your external hard drive. You’ll have all your digital assets stored in one easy to maintain and manage location. Accessible from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. 

It helps you meet expectations

Whether you’ve been approached by another brand who wants you to sell their products or services, or you have thousands of followers watching your every digital move, meeting the expectations of clients and followers alike is a pressure that travel influencers are familiar with. It’s not an easy juggling act, and one mistake can impact future collaborations and even affect your followship. Implementing DAM software means you can deliver high-quality content on time – every time. Providing an on-brand experience for your followers is essential, and with DAM you can even ensure a consistent image across all your platforms. 

It speeds up the creative process

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When time is of the essence and you have followers wanting posts, and third parties expecting results, you can’t be reliant on slow processes and labored by time-consuming admin tasks. DAM software eliminates the need to switch between platforms as it edits your content to meet the requirements of your chosen network. Being able to directly embed your media makes publishing a breeze, no matter where in the world you might be.

And finally, see how your assets are performing 

As a travel influencer, you want to know how your latest posts are performing. It’s the only way you can evolve your content and find a creative rhythm that suits you and your online persona. With DAM software you’ll benefit from robust statistics and reports on your uploads. This gives you the clarity and informationn you need to make future creative decisions. 

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